Door dents (Door Dings) are common on many vehicles. The body line that runs the length of the car protrudes outward and can be the first point of contact for any colliding object especially other car doors. These type of impact produce sharp dents through the body line that can be difficult to remove along the body line. The dent adds to the stress within the panel which transfers through to the paint.  At CD Dents Repair, our skilled technicians have mastered the ability to remove difficult dents like these with a high level of success, saving the owner hundreds of dollars in the process.

CD Dents, located in Mid Michigan uses the fine art of metal manipulation. With this skill, we are able to “massage” the metal back to it’s original condition without damaging the vehicle or harming the paint. This technique preserves the factory finish of the car. It is important to preserve this initial paint as it is more durable than any secondary paint job and you don’t have to worry about matching the paint color that is being resprayed.